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Truck Accident Attorney in San Jose, California

In the state of California there is extensive truck traffic due to the proximity of the international borders and the Pacific Ocean. Loads of cargo are transported from seaports and from Mexico. If you have been injured in a truck accident, you need to hire a truck accident attorney in San Jose, California. 

Accidents where cars collide with trucks can result in serious injuries for the driver of the car due to the truck’s overwhelming weight and size. Big trucks have large blind spot areas and are unable to stop quickly. The Law Office of Bruce C. Funk of San Jose, California has experience dealing with truck accidents and related injuries and can maximize your recovery.

Eighteen-Wheeler Accidents

Eighteen-wheeler trucks are dangerous vehicles when in the wrong hands. If a driver is overly fatigued, is inexperienced and not adequately trained, the results can be disastrous. If you or a loved one has been hurt in an eighteen-wheeler accident, you need the help of an experienced eighteen-wheeler accident attorney.

The Law Office of Bruce C. Funk of San Jose, California and its attorneys are familiar with the laws that regulate the trucking industry promulgated by  the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. We can determine if the truck driver was negligent and can be found at fault.

Delivery Truck Accidents

Due to the proliferation of online shopping, delivery trucks are everywhere. Sometimes, new drivers are hired to meet the demand and are not properly trained. This leads to delivery truck accidents in which people are injured.

The Law Office of Bruce C. Funk of San Jose, California understands that there are many causes of delivery truck accidents. Drivers may be in a hurry to deliver quotas of cargo by a certain time, which can cause them to speed or be reckless. We can evaluate your case and determine if someone was negligent, or if the delivery truck was not properly maintained. We will help you obtain compensation for your delivery truck accident injuries.

After a Truck Accident

After a truck accident, it is very important to understand the steps you need to take. Always file a police report and obtain the truck driver’s name and insurance information. If you have been hurt, seek medical care as soon as possible. If you are able, take pictures of the scene and all vehicles involved.

The Law Office of Bruce C. Funk of San Jose, California has the experience to investigate your accident case and gather all the relevant facts to help you obtain appropriate compensation. With over 33 years’ experience, we are able to properly evaluate who is at fault in this type of accident.

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