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If you’re facing charges for a crime, the time for a solid criminal defense attorney team is now. The Law Offices of Bruce C. Funk has established itself as a full-service criminal defense firm, proudly providing legal representation for individuals in San Jose, the Bay Area, and surrounding communities. Attorney Funk and his team of criminal defense legal specialists pride themselves on providing unbiased and comprehensive legal assistance.

Understanding Criminal Law in the State of California

“When the police arrest someone [in California] (the defendant), they take him or her to jail. Then, 1 of 3 things happens: 1) The defendant is released if the prosecutor – usually the district attorney or the city attorney – decides not to file charges; 2) The defendant posts bail (also called a “bond”) or is released based on a promise to appear in court at a later date for arraignment; or, 3) the defendant stays in jail. [In cases 1 and 2], law enforcement officers transport the defendant to the court for arraignment.”

The most crucial step you can take following your arrest is contacting sound legal assistance. Attorney Funk can provide such, and more.

In the state of California, district attorneys (DAs) and federal prosecutors will tend to file indictments or charges only if their chances of winning outweigh their chances of defeat. Furthermore, the cost of filing charges is passed on to California taxpayers. This means that if you’ve been accused of a crime and have formal charges pending against you, then the prosecuting attorneys must feel that there is a solid and substantial case against you.

Experienced & Dedicated San Jose Criminal Defense Attorney

With over 30 years ofexperience handling all types of major criminal cases, Attorney Funk and his accomplished team of legal associates at the Law Firm of Bruck C. Funk understand the inner workings of California’s criminal laws and know the best course of action to take with your case, given its circumstances.

No criminal case mirrors another. You can trust Attorney Funk and his team to assemble the best criminal defense for you, ensuring the best outcome.

So, for the questions you have about your case or the criminal charges you’re facing, contact the Law Offices of Bruce C. Funk for your free, no-obligation consultation today.