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In the face of your felony charges, you need an accomplished and skilled attorney team, ready to help you now. Attorney Funk and his team of legal specialist at San Jose’s Law Offices of Bruce C. Funk stand ready as the competent and reliable felony charges defense attorney team you deserve.

Understanding Felonies in California

In 2018, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra released crime data for the state of California, which stated that “The violent crime rate per 100,000 population increased 1.5 percent from 2016-2017 while the property crime rate decreased 2.1 percent.” That same year, “… the homicide rate decreased from 4.9 to 4.6 per 100,000 population… [while] the motor vehicle theft rate decreased 5.3 percent, from 448.9 to 424.9 per 100,000 population.”

Depending on a defendant’s prior convictions, a simple misdemeanor can be raised to a felony. Dealing with a felony charge can be overwhelming, confusing and complicated. In California, a capital punishment state, a felony is a crime that results in a maximum sentence of more than a year imprisonment or confinement. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your felony case, you could be looking at severe punishments, which include life in prison without the possibility of parole.

In California, felonies can be further classified as “straight” or “wobbly.” Examples of a “straight” felony include rape, theft of a firearm, murder, or the sale/transportation of a controlled substance. “Wobbly” felony examples include petty theft, assault, or the possession of a controlled substance.  

After Your Felony Charges

In the aftermath of your felony charges, The Law Firm of Bruce C. Funk will investigate all aspects of your case. Attorney Funk will lead a team of experienced legal professionals who will search for evidence that will perhaps show your innocence. Attorney Funk and his legal professionals will also carry out an investigation into your charges that could lead to a reduction in your charges or, in some cases, even a dismissal of your charges.

Choose Your San Jose Felony Charges Defense Attorney to Help You Now

Attorney Funk has over 30 years of criminal defense legal experience and can build a solid defense for you. As a tenured and decorated criminal defense attorney, he has the skill set and expertise to know what needs to be done to protect your freedom.

So, for the most comprehensive, unbiased, and unparalleled legal assistance, contact Attorney Funk at San Jose’s Law Offices Of  Bruce C. Funk. Your free, no-obligation consultation awaits.