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A car accident can leave you with feelings of uncertainty as to what to do next. It can also leave you with mounting medical bills, diminished or completely dissolved wages, a totaled and/or undrivable car, and other setbacks. Following an accident, there is the matter of dealing with your insurance company. Are they helpful and filing your claims or are they denying your claims and causing additional stress in your life?

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you need to hire an attorney. Attorney Bruce Funk and his dedicated legal team at San Jose’s Law Offices of Bruce C. Funk provide detailed and comprehensive legal representation and stand ready to be the car accident attorney team you deserve.

Proudly serving San Jose as well as its surrounding areas, Attorney Funk will relentlessly fight for your justice the maximum compensation amount.

Car Accidents & You

California accounts for 12% of the nation’s auto deaths…The most dangerous counties in California for car wrecks (fatalities as well as injuries) are: Los Angeles with a reported 82,437, Orange County with 21,451, San Diego with 20,385, San Bernardino with 14,801 and Riverside with 13,318 reported.”

When you’re involved in a car accident, you wish you could rewind time. You may also feel confused, hopeless and uncertain about your future. Physical pain may also accompany a car accident. From fractured limbs and bruises to bleeding and head trauma, you’re in no state to work or even do what is required to file a detailed accident claim. Attorney Funk is a tenured San Jose personal injury attorney that specializes in car accident cases. He has extensive knowledge of California’s personal injury laws as well as the skill set to make those laws work in your favor.

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Attorney Funk atthe Law Offices of Bruce C. Funk has built a reputation upon foundations of truth, honesty and integrity. With reviews that speak to his diligence, compassion, and tenacity, attorney Funk and his team of accomplished legal professionals will examine all aspects of your car accident case and build a solid car accident lawsuit for you, while fighting for your justice and the maximum compensation you deserve.

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