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As a consumer, you count on the items and products you use to be effective and safe. So, when you’re injured due to a malfunctioning, broken, or defective product, you may have a case.

For the dedicated, skilled and results-driven legal representation you need for your product liability case, look no further than Attorney Funk of the Law Offices of Bruce C. Funk. Proudly serving the residents of San Jose, the Bay Area, and surrounding communities, Attorney Funk has the experience, reputation and skill set to provide you with the comprehensive and compassionate legal assistance you need and deserve.

Product Liability & You

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission is the entity of the United States government that works to promote the safety of products, by citing products that may pose a danger, given reasonable usage. The CPSC outlines the most common hazards in categories which include “Amusement Rides,” “ATVs and ROVs,” “Carbon Monoxide,” “Chemicals,” “Electrocutions,” “Fire,” and “Furniture & Décor.”

Your product liability claims can stem from dangerous items such as dangerous drugs, broken or malfunctioning tools and appliances, defective medical devices, hazardous household appliances and applications, defective toys, and other children’s products. While injuries can range from cumbersome to severe, some of the more common include burns, fractures, skin rashes and bruises, bleeding, head injuries and concussions, eye injuries, and broken fingers.

Although defective product cases are complicated, Attorney Funk has decades of personal injury law experience as well as the skill set to effectively handle product claims and cases.

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If you’ve been injured by a poorly manufactured product, you could have a case. As a tenured San Jose personal injury attorney, Attorney Funk will always keep your well-being and interests paramount as he investigates all aspects of your product liability case. Attorney Funk understands that you’re suffering physically as well as emotionally. He also understands that you may be staring at insurmountable debt, job loss, and a denial of your claims from your insurance. As such, your time won’t be wasted and the severity of your pain and suffering will not be diminished.

So, if you feel you have a case against a company or manufacture of a broken or malfunctioning product, contact Attorney of San Jose’s Law Offices of Bruce C. Funk. Your initial, no-cost and no-obligation consultation awaits. You have nothing to lose, and justice and compensation to gain.