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Swimming Pool Accident Attorney in San Jose, California

Swimming pool accidents are common in California. A swimming pool accident attorney from the Law Office of Bruce C. Funk has the experience and resources necessary to represent injured victims in swimming pool accidents or in severe cases, wrongful death. We have a proven track record of representing injured victims and their families.

Common Injuries Associated with Swimming Pool Accidents

Near drownings can have lasting consequences for a victim. Personal injury lawsuits can be complicated and require the help of an experienced swimming pool accident attorney in San Jose. Slip and fall accidents are also commonly associated with wet pool decks leading to serious injuries. Negligent supervision is another liability issue that arises with swimming pools. Common injuries associated with swimming pool accidents are traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, head injuries, neck injuries and back injuries.

Negligence and Swimming Pool Accidents

The question of liability involves both product liability and premises liability negligence. Premises liability means that a property owner is liable for injuries caused by a dangerous or hazardous condition.. An owner is negligent if they fail to take proper precautions to prevent drowning or other swimming pool accidents. Negligence is the failure to do what is required to provide a safe place. If pool equipment was improperly installed, there may be negligence against the installers.

Filing Swimming Pool Accident Lawsuits

The damages awarded in a swimming pool accident are to help restore a victim back to health. In the case of a drowning death in San Jose, a wrongful death lawsuit can be brought by surviving beneficiaries of the victim. When you are looking for professional legal representation in California for a swimming pool accident, call our experienced swimming pool accident attorney today at the Law Office of Bruce C. Funk.   We have the experience and resources necessary to work towards getting you maximum compensation for your injuries. Call (408) 280-6488 to schedule a free legal consultation to discuss your accident and injuries today.