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Pedestrian Accident Attorney in San Jose, California

If you or a loved one have been involved in an accident as a pedestrian, it is important you hire a pedestrian accident attorney in California to represent you. The sooner you retain legal representation the better. Our pedestrian accident team at the Law Office of Bruce C. Funk can begin investigating your case immediately and obtain the compensation you deserve.

Lost wages or earnings potential, property damage, and medical bills are some of the items that can be included in a pedestrian accident lawsuit in San Jose. No matter the accident is, if a pedestrian is involved, it is important to have a professional pedestrian accident attorney by your side at all times. Whether you are the driver or the pedestrian injured, our California law firm can help represent you.

Finding the Right Pedestrian Accident Attorney

It is important to find a pedestrian accident attorney that suits your needs best in your case. Our team of legal professionals understand the deadline for filing your lawsuit (the statute of limitations) in California. This is especially important as we will work diligently to file your lawsuit before time expires. By equipping yourself with professional legal representation, you can improve your chances of obtaining the best possible result in your case.

What a Pedestrian Accident Attorney in California Can Do for You

The Law Office of Bruce C. Funk is well versed in all things concerning personal injury law in California. We work aggressively for our clients while they take the necessary time to heal and recover. Our job as your pedestrian accident attorney is to represent you the best way we know how. We believe that our job is to protect your legal rights every step of the way.

Call Today to Schedule a Free Legal Consultation in San Jose

During a free legal consultation in San Jose with a pedestrian accident attorney, we will discuss your accident, injuries, and any potential evidence available to use in your case. We will answer any questions you may have about the legal process in California. It is important to hire legal assistance as soon as possible after a pedestrian accident. To schedule this important free consultation with a pedestrian accident attorney today, call (408) 280-6488.