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DUI Attorney in San Jose, California

At the Law Office of Bruce C. Funk, our DUI attorney team has 33 years’ experience in representing individuals accused of drunk driving. Our legal team understands all DUI laws in California and how to defend them in legal proceedings

About Our Experienced DUI Accident Attorney Team

We have a proven track record of defending those charged with DUI. A drunk driver in California who causes an accident can face jail/prison time and substantial fines. This makes it important to hire an experienced DUI attorney from our firm to represent you when you are facing these charges. A BAC of .08 or higher constitutes a DUI charge. For those under 21, the state has a zero-tolerance policy.

Civil Lawsuits

Many times, if an individual is injured due to a drunk driving, they may pursue a civil lawsuit against the driver. If this occurs, our DUI attorney team can represent you in both criminal court and civil court. At the Law Office of Bruce C. Funk, our legal team has years of experience representing individuals facing DUI charges in the State of California.

We offer free legal consultations to discuss your charges and to answer any questions you may have about the upcoming legal process. To schedule a no-cost legal consultation today with our DUI attorney, call our San Jose California law office today at (408) 280-6488.