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White Collar Crimes Attorney in San Jose, California

When you’ve been accused of white collar crime in California, it’s serious. Our reputations can be tainted with such criminal charges. When your name is even mentioned in an investigation, it can cause lasting impacts on both your life and career. With the help of a white collar crimes attorney in San Jose from The Law Office of Bruce C. Funk, you can be assured that your legal rights are protected every step of the legal process ahead. We have years of experience building strong cases with proven successful defense strategies for our clients.

About White Collar Crimes

According to the Department of Justice, white collar crimes are defined as “nonviolent, illegal activities that involve manipulation, breach of trust, concealment or deceit without the use of physical force.” These types of legal cases can be complicated and require the experience of a professional white collar crimes attorney from our San Jose law firm. When you or a loved one are facing these state or federal charges, hiring experienced legal representation that you can trust is important.

Some common white collar crimes include:

  • Mail Fraud: The Federal Government must prove that you obtained property/money or defrauded someone in the mail.
  • Wire Fraud: This crime uses radio, television, or the telephone to steal.
  • Securities Fraud: This includes failing to truthfully disclose activities to investors (insider trading)
  • Bankruptcy Fraud: This occurs when someone hides information or assets in a bankruptcy case.

Understanding Wire Fraud

Wire fraud consists of using electronic means of communication to misrepresent a fraud on someone with the intention of getting goods, services, or money. This can include email, the Internet, television, telephone, or even the radio. Penalties for this type of white collar crime are lengthy, so hiring a white-collar crimes attorney that understands these laws is necessary.

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When you need help with white collar crime charges, a white collar crimes attorney from The Law Office of Bruce C. Funk can help you. We have the experience and resources in order to represent those who need us the most. We understand white collar crime laws and can uphold them in all legal proceedings in California.

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