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At The Law Office of Bruce C. Funk, we represent those who have been injured in a car accident in or around San Jose, California. When you hire our car accident attorney firm, we ensure that your accident is thoroughly investigated, that your medical bills are submitted to the proper parties and that your insurance company is held accountable for its portion of your bills. When fault is an issue, we know how to interpret the motor vehicle laws and jury charges for your car collision. We also routinely utilize experts to reconstruct accidents.

Things to Know About Car Accident Claims in California

Our San Jose office can help you in processing your application for state disability benefits. Also, your insurance policy has “under-insured motorists” coverage. You may be eligible to recover from your own insurance policy. This will not affect your coverage rates in any way. If you were hurt when driving and got into a car crash, but didn’t have automobile insurance, your claim may fall under California Proposition 213. You are entitled to receive compensation for your medical bills and wage loss. You are not entitled to receive compensation for pain and suffering.

Our professional car accident attorney in California can help to uncover the cause of your accident. We will gather necessary evidence including witness testimony to make your case as strong as possible. Hiring an experienced car accident attorney to represent you after a car collision determines the success of your lawsuit.

Talk to a Car Accident Attorney in California Today

A car accident attorney from our law firm in San Jose from The Law Office of Bruce C. Funk can help you to recover permanent loss of income, lost wages due to missed work, past/future medical bills or treatment, and pain and suffering. Our car accident attorney also understand all statute of limitations associated with California car accidents too. Injured victims have just two years from the date they were injured in the accident to file a personal injury lawyer. To schedule an important no-cost legal consultation with our professional car accident lawyer today, call us today at 408-280-6488.